What You Need Bathroom Fitters For

Bathroom fitters are companies that specialize, as the name suggests, in bathroom product installation. You might only need them for specific jobs from time to time, like installing a new shower cubicle, Jacuzzi or en suite and similar products, but bathroom fitters are able to create and install a completely new bathroom, they also handle […]

Advantages and Applications of Cryopreservation of embryo

Advantages and Applications of Cryopreservation of embryo When a surplus number of a woman’s eggs have been retrieved and subsequently fertilized, there may be multiple viable embryos available. An optimal number of embryos are implanted into a woman’s uterus depending on certain embryonic and maternal factors. However, there may also be many high-quality, viable embryos […]

ADD_ADHD Or Just a Super Smart Kid_

ADD/ADHD Or Just a Super Smart Kid? WHY ARE CHILDREN DIAGNOSED WITH ADD/ADHD? AND HOW? The number one reason for diagnosing a child as afflicted with ADD/ADHD (and the subsequent drugging of the child) seems to be for the convenience of parents and teachers. Their mental capacity often exceeds that of their elders who are […]